10 Ways to Enjoy Macabella

        No matter what your guilty pleasure is there are more than enough ways to enjoy Macabella Chocolate Spread to keep your taste-buds happy.

          1. Slather over piping hot crumpets or crusty sourdough toast.
          2. Drizzle over fruit, or dip strawberries in it.
          3. Swirl through ice-cream, custard or even your morning porridge.
          4. Smother over the top of a cake or cupcakes as the frosting. For a double shot, also replace cream in the middle of the sponge with Macabella.
          5. Fill a sweet flan or tart case with Macabella. Top with meringue or bananas and cream.
          6. For a quick dessert, try Macabella Filo Pasty Roll Ups. Cut a sheet of filo pasty into 4 squares. Brush each with some melted butter and stack on top of each other. Spoon a tablespoon of Macabella on top, roll up into a cigar shape. Repeat with the remaining filo pasty and bake in a preheated 180 degee (celcius) oven for approximately 8 minutes.
          7. Warm some Macabella , with milk and freeze to make Macabella paddle pops.
          8. Heat Macabella and cream together for a quick luxurious fondue.
          9. When you’ve reached the bottom of the Macabella jar, fill the empty jar with hot water and warm milk for a rich hot chocolate. Add a shot of espresso for your own mocha.
          10. And our personal favourite, eating it with a spoon out of the jar whilst hiding in the pantry!